Registration Fees:

Full Conference Delegates: US $10.00

Full Student Delegates: US $5.00

Online Payment Instructions


The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona and the National Commercial Bank (NCB) require that credit cards used to conduct business online must have completed a registration process prior to its use. This is a one-time activity for each credit card being used online. Credit card registration has been employed to improve the security of the E-commerce system and to protect all parties, customers, merchants and banks who choose to use it. Please see step-by-step details below of how to create an account, register your card and make payment for the 5th International (Virtual) Conference on TVET in the Caribbean using the UWI E-Commerce platform.

Click and Fill Registration Form (Note: Registration Closed)

Create New Account

1. Select the Login/Create Account link in the main navigation.

2. Choose the "Create new account" tab and enter your preferred username, email address and telephone number. Then select the "Create New Account" button to save your information and check your email for a one-time use link and instructions to log in and set your password.

3. When you use that link you will see a prompt to reset your password – choose "Log In" and then scroll down to enter and confirm password. (Ensure that the password consists of a special character such as an “*” or an “&” for example). The system will indicate if your password is good or bad.

4. Next click on Save. Your account has now been successfully created and you can now proceed to register your credit card.

Register your Credit Card

1. Select the "Register New Card" link from the Card registration menu option on the website and enter the required details in the form provided. (The UWI E-Commerce system requires this to ensure that you are the owner of the card). Once completed, choose "Register". If everything is correct a test transaction between $1.00 - $5.00 will be made and you will get a message to say the submission was successful.

2. You should now contact your bank to verify what amount was temporarily charged to the card. The temporary charge will be between $1.00 - $5.00. You will then enter the amount on the “Confirm card” screen, along with the last four (4) digits of the credit card you are registering and select "Submit".

3. If the amount is correct, you will receive a message, “Congratulations your card has been registered” and you will now be directed to a screen to choose your product where you will select "Caribbean TVET" and continue to pay for the conference.

Pay for the TVET Conference

1. On the Caribbean TVET E-commerce product page, select whether or not you are paying for a Regular or Student attendee and enter the First, Middle and Last Name for yourself or for your delegates and select "Add to Cart". (You can add an additional person by selecting Caribbean TVET product again and entering the name of that particular person). The cart will display the information for each person added.

2. Click on "Cart" in the main navigation to view the number of items added to your shopping cart and select "Check out" to continue the process.

3. Enter your billing information in the form provided and select "Continue to next step".

4. Now, on the payment screen enter your credit card details as required and select "Continue to next step".

5. Your payment will now be processed and when check out is complete you will receive an order number which will also be sent to your email address. You may print your confirmation of payment receipt or print at a later date as the information will be saved in your account profile. To retrieve your invoice, select "My Account" in the navigation and then click on the Order tab and click on your order number.

6. Upon completion of payment, you should also receive an email that provides you with a link to get your unique ZOOM link for the Conference.

We welcome you to our 5th International (Virtual) Conference on TVET in the Caribbean 2021. We look forward to seeing you there.